(Media Release) 14 June 2016. Collie Water, a joint venture of Aqua Ferre Holdings Pty Ltd (Aqua Ferre) and Harvey Water, welcomes the announcement by the Hon Mia Davies, Minister for Water; Sport and Recreation; Forestry, and the Hon Terry Redman, Minister for Regional Development; Lands; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development, for Collie Water to develop all aspects of its proposal to address salinity in the Wellington Dam. Read more...

Collie Water will benefit from the commitment by the Federal Government under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund to provide feasibility funding of $1 million for the Wellington Dam salinity project (Project). This was announced today by the Hon Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister; Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, and Nola Marino, Federal Member for Forrest. (Refer to attached media statements.)

Collie Water, led by Peter Fogarty's Pendulum Group and its water infrastructure company Aqua Ferre, has spent five years developing a plan to address the salinity issues in the Wellington Dam and the increasing salinity in the Myalup Irrigation Agriculture Precinct. Harvey Water has spent 20 years wrestling with the Wellington Dam salinity problem, following on from many years of government reviews and proposals.

Collie Water teamed up with Harvey Water to develop a solution that would produce potable water for industrial users in the region, significantly reduce salinity in the Wellington Dam, improve water quality to the Collie River Irrigation District (CRID) and deliver quality water to Myalup for aquifer recharge and direct use.

Following an EOI process by the State Government under the Water for Food initiative, Collie Water and Harvey Water were chosen as preferred respondents and then worked with other proponents, Valoriza Water Australia Pty Ltd and IDE Technologies, to identify the best and most financially viable solution for the Project.

Aqua Ferre and Harvey Water have already invested significant time and money to develop a viable solution that will involve an estimated $300–400 million investment over 5–7 years to implement. This initial funding from the State and Federal Governments via the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund is an important step in progressing the Project.

Collie Water has worked with a range of stakeholders which are committed to seeing the Project delivered after many failed attempts to come up with a solution to the Wellington Dam's salinity issues.

Collie Water and Aqua Ferre Chairman, Peter Fogarty, said: "The Project is an exciting one for the state that is expected to have long-term positive benefits for Collie, CRID farmers, the Myalup farmers and the state's food production. The State Government support, through its agencies, is critical to the success of the Project and we welcome this latest announcement and ongoing support from both the State and Federal Governments for the Project." 

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Collie Water’s Myalup–Wellington Water Project wins in principle State Government approval for $37 million funding from Royalties for Region Fund

12 January 2017. Myalup Wellington Water Corporation Pty Ltd, trading as Collie Water, today welcomed the State Government announcement that the state would provide the Myalup–Wellington Water Project (Project) with $37 million of funding.

Collie Water is a special-purpose vehicle established by Pendulum Capital Pty Limited (Pendulum) led by Aqua Ferre Pty Ltd (Aqua Ferre). Aqua Ferre joined forces with Harvey Water in developing an industry-led solution to the water quality problems in the Wellington Dam and the Myalup Irrigated Agricultural Precinct.

As part of the Project, Collie Water will make available potable water to secure drinking water supplies to the Great Southern Towns and the town of Collie.

The Project involves the diversion of highly saline water from the Collie River East Branch and then treatment of that water with coal mine dewatering water via a water treatment and desalination plant to be constructed in Collie. The aim is to lower salinity in the Wellington Dam and utilise that water in the Collie River Irrigation District and pipe it across to Myalup.

Collie Water has worked with key stakeholders, Water Corporation, Griffin Coal, Premier Coal, Forest Products Commission and Synergy, as well as the Myalup horticulturists. The Department of Water and the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia have also been actively involved.

Peter Fogarty, Chairman of Collie Water, welcomed the announcement in Collie today by the Premier, Hon Colin Barnett, and the Minister for Water; Sport and Recreation; Forestry, Hon Mia Davies. "Our Group and Harvey Water have worked tirelessly for several years planning this Project and gaining support from our key stakeholders. The State Government's support was fundamental to the Project and will hopefully lead to the Commonwealth Government providing support via its National Water Infrastructure Development Fund."

"We hope to be able to start the Project in 2017 and work closely with the State Government, and key Departments including Water, Agriculture and Food, Regional Development and State Development to see this exciting Project come to fruition," he said.

Geoff Calder, General Manager of Harvey Water, also welcomed the announcement for his shareholders. "Harvey Water represents the Collie River Irrigation District farmers and has been working for many years to find a solution to the increasing salinity in the Wellington Dam. Our cooperation with Aqua Ferre has enabled us to build an economically viable Project that had not been previously possible."

"The State Government's support is another critical step in the Project becoming a reality and our farmer members again having water better suited to farm irrigation," he said.

For more information see;

https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/Barnett/2017/01/37-million-to-refresh-Wellington-Dam.aspx (Gov of WA media statements 2017)

For an excellent youtube video created by Water for Food see;



Funding Boost for Wellington Dam Salinity Proposal

Water Minister Mia Davies today welcomed an Australian Government commitment of $1 million through the National Water Infrustructure Development Fund to undertake full feasibility work on an ambitious plan to address salinity in Wellington Dam. Read full article in pdf...

Water Security for Jobs and Growth in Forrest

The Coalition Government is getting on with the job of delivering our water infrastructure needs, today annowncing $1 million to fast-track a feasibility study into improving water quality and supply to support the expansion of the Myalup and Collie River irrigation districts. Read full article in pdf...

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